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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture Book Marathon 2011 - Day 7

Synopsis:  Frank loves bath time.  He plays and plays until he's wrinkly all over.

One day in the bath Frank discovers that his tub is connected to the ocean.  All different kinds of sea animals show up in his bath (some more friendly than others.)  Mom hears the commotion and starts coming up the stairs to investigate.  She opens the door just as all the animals hide themselves.

Mom leaves.  And the bath time party resumes.  When the bath is over Frank towels off and says, "I'll see you guys tomorrow."


jeanreagan said...

I've enjoyed checking your blog daily. You illustrators amaze me!

Jean Reagan
(a definite NON illustrator)

Julie Olson said...

This could be over the top fun.

Will Strong said...

Yeah, I've never done subtle very well. I'm really itching to find time to finish writing this one.