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Monday, February 21, 2011

Picture Book Marathon 2011 - Day 19

Yeah, this one is just weird.  But it was fun to mess around with a funky color scheme.

Plot Synopsis:

Ice Cream Man is a local hero.  Whenever someone is sad Ice Cream Man shows up with an ice cream cone in hand.  Ice Cream Man, and his loyal sidekick Sprinkles the monkey, know that ice cream makes everything better.  But then Ice Cream Man takes it too far.

He puts ice cream on everything, pizza, shoes, dogs, cats, little old ladies.  It's funny at first, but then he  goes nuts.  Ice Cream Man creates an ice cream blizzard that threatens to bury the city forever.  Can Sprinkles stop his best friend in the whole world from creating an irreversible disaster?


jeanreagan said...

Fun and yummy!

Jean Reagan

Laurel said...

I always pity the cleanup crew in these kinds of books. :-)

Jed Henry said...

Ah, misguided good intentions!

Leslie Duke said...

Mmmm, ice cream...