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Friday, February 18, 2011

Picture Book Marathon 2011 - Day 16

This is a poem written by my friend Neil Hughes (who doesn't have a blog to link to.)  He brought it to our critique group and told us that he had written a whole bunch of these.  I told him that this poem begs to be illustrated.  To me it felt like an excerpt from a "Where the Sidewalk Ends" for angsty teens.

I think the subject of this poem looks like this.

by Neil Hughes

After the pain
after the rage
after the ....

The what?

Then the rage.
Then harsh words.
Then the self loathing,
and rage,
after the ....
The what?

The pain.
After it's simmered
and slowed down
and popped up
then down further
then exploded up
then down to the deepest place
in the minute and smallest vile
at the bottom of the sea
and it sucks in the ocean
and spits out a whale at your face.
And you dodge the whale.

What whale?

Then the giant squid.
What giant squid?

Then the shark.
What shark?

And the sea urchin.
What sea urchin?

Then the slug.
What?  Oh that little thing?
That's nothing.

Then what about the urchin?
It's kind of spiky cute.

And now the shark?
Doesn't he need water?

And the squid?

And the whale?

And the ocean?
That's to swim in.
With all my friends.


So, for today's entry I submit a collection of illustrated poems for angsty teens written by Neil Hughes and illustrated by Will Strong.  It would be great.  I know it.

(If I have time tomorrow then I'll draw a quick illo with the girl and all of the sea creatures.)

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theartofpuro said...

Thanks for the comment:)
Your style is great,love the character and the poem:)