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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture Book Marathon 2011 - Day 15

Plot Synopsis:

Baxter and his Great Aunt Fanny are going to the museum today but when they get to the car out front Fanny can't find her car keys.  They are in her bag somewhere.  Fanny starts looking.

Fanny starts pulling stuff out of her bag: umbrella, sunglasses, gum, cell phone, lipstick, aspirin, bobby pins and a granola bar.

But she still can't find her keys.

Fanny goes down even farther in her bag.  She finds: seashells, high-heeled shoes, a fishbowl, a globe, an ant farm, a candelabra, and a dictionary.

But she still can't find her keys.

Fanny and Baxter keep looking through the bag.  They find: a goat, a robot, crutches, a top hat, a fire hydrant, a T-rex skull, a unicycle, and a goat.

Baxter and Fanny empty out the entire bag on the lawn and when they're done there are piles and piles of stuff.  The last three things to drop out of the bag are: a hamster, a tooth brush and ... THE KEYS!

But then Fanny looks around and sees the giant mess they have made.  "We can't go to the museum now," says Fanny "We've made such a terrible mess."

"It's okay Aunt Fanny," says Baxter "I saw something over here that might help."

Baxter pulls out a ticket booth from the piles of stuff.  "With all this cool stuff we can start our own museum" says Baxter.

And so they did.  And the whole neighborhood came to see it.


JAKE said...

Love that kid's design.

Jed Henry said...

Great Aunt Fanny is the cutest old lady EVER. I think you nailed these character designs.

Laurel said...

I love this idea. When you kids were little, I didn't leave the house without bandaids, crayons, books, snacks, neosporin, tape, and the occasional screwdriver in my purse. If we were going to Disneyland, it was even worse.