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Monday, February 7, 2011

Picture Book Marathon 2011 - Day 6

Plot Summary: our Main Character (let's call him Quentin) loves his little metal cars so very, very much.  And the blue one happens to be his favorite.  And then it goes missing.  And Quentin goes to every room in the house blaming his brothers and sisters for the disappearance.  In the end it turns out to be somewhere Quentin would never have guessed.

When I was a kid I was always losing things.  And with 5 siblings there were plenty of people to blame it on instead of myself.

This cover is based on a true story.  Early this morning when my wife went down to the parking garage she noticed that the car was gone (kind of hard to miss really.)  We both immediately thought the car was stolen.  Bad news.

After my brain woke up a bit more I vaguely remembered driving the car to a friend's house on Saturday but I didn't recall driving it home.  Turns out that I left the car at this friend's house for a couple of days and just walked the two blocks home without thinking about it.

That's the biggest thing I've ever lost.  Good thing it didn't go far.


jed said...

I really love the screen tone dots on those cars. Great use of mixed media!

Will Strong said...

Thanks Jed. I'd love to do a whole book in a weird art style like this. Something really off the wall.