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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lost Monster #3 - Cecil

I decided to take another Lost Monster with me to Chautauqua last week while I was there for the Highlights Foundation Writer's Workshop.  I decided to call him Cecil.

And then I picked out a hiding spot in the square at Chautauqua.

Two days later I got this great email:

Hi Will my name is Chloe and I have found your monster. I live in Dallas, TX and I am 10 years old.  My sister's name is Sophie and the sign that said take me home is her monster!  Sophie is 6. After the summer we are going to tour the Nation in a RV for a year and my sister and I will be home schooled. Every place that we go I am going to take pictures of Cecil and I.

               Thank you for doing this !!

These kids are awesome.  And I'm kind of jealous of their upcoming tour of the country.  It sounds like Cecil couldn't have ended up with a better home.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fatherhood Slows Blogging

This here blog has been pretty light on updates this last month.  That's because I'm a dad now.  Babies take a lot of time just before and just after they are born.  Many of you already know this.

So here's the kid, Maxwell McLean Strong.  (He is 2 weeks old today.)

These photos were taken by Hannah Gibson, a family friend.  She's got a great blog.

Here's my rendition of Maxwell:

I think I pretty much nailed the likeness.