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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picture Book Marathon 2011 - Day 5

Today it's an idea for comics.  It's not strictly a picture book but it is a story for kids.  In a book.  With pictures.  So, yeah.

This story is called "A Problem Involving a Megalomaniacal* Mustache, a Tommy Pugmire Tale."

So let's start with Tommy.

Tommy is smart, funny, a huge dork and generally acts without thinking things through (he's much like me at age 11.)  Tommy has noticed that grownups get to do all the cool stuff, like see scary movies and get tattoos.  So he decides that he wants to be a grownup too.

But Tommy can't figure out how to make anybody believe he's a grownup (the fake ID was a complete bust.)  Then it dawns on him, Facial Hair!  That's the ticket.

So Tommy find this mustache one day.  Where does he find it?  In his cereal box of course.  How did it get there?  That is explained in the actual story and would take much too much room here to explore.

So Tommy slaps that hairy little sucker on his face and starts convincing people that he is actually a grownup.  Things work out pretty well for a while.

But what Tommy Pugmire doesn't know is that the mustache of good fortune is actually an evil mustache.

The evil mustache sends tendrils up Tommy's nose and through his sinuses to wrap around his medulla oblongata.  The 'stache takes over Tommy's body and Tommy is helpless to stop it!  What will happen next?


I've written it all down and it will eventually get made.  But for right now these sketches will have to do.

What's that you say?  This particular Picture Book idea doesn't seem so slapped together as the others?  That's because I've been working on this one on and off for 2 years now.  Yikes.  Time to get on that.  Just as soon as I finish that e-book I'm working on.

(*see Napoleon or Justin Bieber)


Jed Henry said...

That last picture of Tommy wearing the mustache is perfect.

Michael Mercer said...

Hey have you talked to Randy McNair? He visits elementary schools and does presentations with puppets. You might want to coordinate with him...based on our conversations this afternoon. Find him on facebook. He's a BYU Anim guy from a few years back.

JAKE said...

Justin Bieber has decided to conquer Europe? They'd better watch out. I hear he never says never.

Shaunda said...

I love these illustrations. They go great with your story. Keep it up!