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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Picture Book Marathon 2011 - Day 22

I think I'm all caught up now.  Or maybe I need to do a recount.

Plot Synopsis:

Younger brother knocks over Mom's favorite vase.  Mom isn't home.  Older brother spends the next hour torturing younger brother with thoughts of what Mom is going to do when she finds out.

older brother - "Do you remember George, our oldest brother?"

younger brother - "No."

older brother - "That's because he broke Mom's other favorite vase when you were just a baby.  He should be back from military school when he turns 18."

younger brother - "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!  I'm dead.  What am I gonna do?  Mom is going to kill me."

older brother - "Yeah, probably.  Or, instead of killing you, she could..."

And that's where the real mental torture begins.  Can you tell that I have two older brothers?


Jared Scott Greenleaf said...

make them 2-headed brothers! That way when mom comes home it's awkwardly anticlimactic.

JAKE said...

Dude, that it a true story you wrote, Will Strong. I AM an older brother. And I was evil.