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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Writing Prompt For a New Class

So, Tiff is teaching 5th grade this year and she loves it.  She's used a couple of my old writing prompts  already with her class this year and they love them.  So I've decided to do some more.  Here is the latest:

PS:  When I get about a dozen of these together I'm going to collect them on a website so that teachers all over the world can use them (I can dream can't I?)  So, if you're a teacher feel free to use this, and anything else I've posted on this blog, in your classroom.

PPS:  If you're a creative type (author/illustrator) and you want to make one of these creative writing prompts for the website just let me know.  I'll gladly take volunteer work.


Simini said...

Very cool. I think the website is a great idea as well. I can definitely see teachers finding them useful.

And I'm excited to hear your lecture in business class wednesday :)

Joe said...

Such a fun idea. Now if you could make math fun....and invent a time machine.

Will Strong said...


I think the time machine might be the easier of the two.