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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Creative Writing Prompt: Best Tree House Ever

This week's Creative Writing Prompt:

Preliminary reports from Tiff's Classroom show that the kids really like this one.  I have photographic evidence.

Note the intense concentration on the faces of the kids that hadn't yet realized that the camera had been taken out.  It's the look of someone deciding between putting in a water slide, rope ladder or elevator in that spot.  That intense look of concentration is the mark of a quality product, though it is short lived.  Most 5th Graders go all cheese ball as soon as they realize they are being photographed and that just can't be helped.

I'm really digging this writing prompt thing.  It's so much fun.  More to come.


Anthony Holden said...

Will, I love these. I'm storing them for rainy days...once Sawyer can control a crayon to do something more than scribble.

Maurice Barkley said...

Wish I could join in, but my tree house is finished.