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Monday, September 20, 2010

What is It?

A few days back I started making something out of old scraps of dyed canvas that I had.  Leftovers from making so many adorable monsters.  So I decided to make ... an abstract art piece.

Note the interplay of the natural element (grass) and the rigid shapes, almost like city blocks.  Thus the viewer is invited to consider what the grass really means, nature being forced into behaving.  And so... the lawn.

You may have guessed that it's not really a pretentious art installation.  It's actually a six-sided soft chair for Tiff's 5th grade classroom.  This square is my favorite:

Part way through the sewing process I decided see how it fits.

Honestly, not so great.  So instead of wearing it I stuffed the sucker with styrofoam packing peanuts.  Then I jumped up and down on it to squish down the peanuts, then stuffed in some more peanuts.  Then I smashed and stuffed some more.  And then I sewed it all up and sent it to school with Tiff.

Then the kids found it.

I think they like it.  Note the last kid's good taste in comics.


Laurel said...

The comics look like Calvin and Hobbes. Am I right?

Will Strong said...

You are correct. Give the lady a kewpie.