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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Will Strong Recommends Danny The Champion of the World

The book that Tiff assigned to her 5th grade class as summer reading this year is Danny the Champion of the World.  I hadn't ever read it so I picked it up.  And this book is fantastic.  One of Roald Dahl's many great works, I think Danny gets overshadowed by James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which is a shame.

There aren't any giants or special powers or magic of any kind in this book.  All this book really is, is a simple story of a boy and his father.  They are simple folk.  It's a simple story.  But it's so well written that it's incredibly endearing and heartwarming without being preachy at all.

One of the assignments that Tiff had her class do was to draw a picture of Danny's home.  One kid in the class, Mary, told Tiff, "I don't think I did the assignment right.  I painted it."  Well let me tell you Mary, that you did it more than right.  You rocked it.

Keep up the good work kids.


Sarah said...

Wow! A 5th grader did that? Impressive!

Tiffany Strong said...

I love my 5th graders. And she is so cute, she was so nervous to come show me. I am so proud of being a teacher, and being a teacher that allows art and drawing in my class. Thanks sweetheart for showing me that art is a great form of learning.