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Saturday, August 14, 2010

How I Work

People ask me all the time, "How did you come up this?" when referring to my illustrations and other creative things.  It's sort of hard to explain because I don't always end up with what I started out to find.  The following is a demonstration in my stream of consciousness creative process.

The Assignment:  Tiffany needed me to make her some kind of notice board where she could post supplies she needs for her classroom this year.  Because I had done the rest of the room in monsters I figured that I should continue with the theme.  So I set out to create a "donations monster."

Here is the end result of my process:

Now let me walk you through it.  First I think, "the monster needs to hold lot's of little notes."

So, yeah, that's how I think.  I just follow ideas around until they take me somewhere.  If I work long enough I get something good.  This is how it turned out for Tiff's class:

I'm pleased with it.

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Tiffany Strong said...

Wife LOVES it for multiple reasons. ONE my husband is amazing and does a great job decorating my outside wall. TWO the other teachers are sick with envy. THREE students love seeing their names in creative ways. FOUR the donation monster will hopefully help parents realize in a non-threatening way that I need help with supplies this year, I have 35 students. FIVE my husband just rocks.
*PS - if you want to make a donation to my classroom talk to Will.