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Friday, August 6, 2010


Because monsters seem to be the theme of my blog for the last few posts, here are some more.  I've decided to call them Franken-Stuffs.  (Get it?  Cause they're stuffed.  And they're monsters.  And it's funny ... right?)

This guy's name is Brutus.

Trapazoid Man is named Cantaloupe:

Queazy Quinn doesn't feel well:

Zig and Zag (though I'm not sure which is which):

One big happy family:

I've had so much fun making these monsters and I've learned a lot about sewing as I made them.  Everybody keeps telling me that I should sell these guys but it's just not cost effective to sit and sew these guys all day.  What I am going to do though is try and get some sewing patterns together and sell those online (probably on Etsy or something.)  So if you want one of these Franken-Stuffs for your very own, keep your eyes peeled.  The patterns will be available soon (and by soon I mean about a month or two.)

Just curious, which pattern do you folks think I should start with?


Alan said...

These are amazing! Especially since sewing and fabric are all pretty much wizardry and black magic to me.

I love cantaloupe. There's something hilarious about the straight-line, slightly slanted mouth.

Aaron Ludwig said...

These are awesome. My daughter wants one.

Anthony Holden said...

Psh. your daughter...

I want one! (And I'm probably way bigger than Aaron's daughter.)
Your work is stellar lately, Will. If/when you get around to selling these or the patterns, I'm first in line.

Sarah said...

I love Trapezoid man and Queazy Quinn. I have a friend who sews things like this for her etsy business. She might be able to help you out by making them for you.

They are too stinkin' cute! You're amazing!

Maria Mercer said...

I like Trapezoid :) They are all looking superb, Will. How did the show go? How is post-graduation?

Jake Wyatt said...


Ann Dee said...

I love these all. My boys would go crazy to get any of these.

Greg Newbold said...

Will, Can I have my own Cantaloupe? He kills it! These guys are awesome.
Keep me posted.