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Friday, March 4, 2011

Vote for You Favorite PBM Idea 2011

Okay folks, I'm curious to see which of these ideas you liked best.  I added a poll to my blog on the lefthand side.  (If you're reading this in Google Reader you'll have to visit the actual blog to vote.)  If you want to persuade others to your favorite feel free to leave comments to that effect.

<-------------------------    This Way to Vote

Vote for as many as you like.  And tell your friends.

Need a reminder of your choices?  Here you go:


My Great Aunt Fanny's Bottomless Bag

The Groblets Came to Visit

Francis & Maxwell: Brothers in Orbit

Groundhog Quits

Gumball Machine

Lonely Lenny the Valentine's Carrot

Ice Cream Man to the Rescue!

Monkeys Don't Do Math

There's an Ocean in My Bathtub

Purple Space Cows from Quasar Beta Prime

Samantha Who Never Says Anything

Something in the Fridge is Growing!

You Are Sooooooooooooooo BUSTED!

Monsters Love Clothes

Training Wheels for Francis

A Problem Involving a Megalomaniacal Mustache (a Tommy Pugmire story)

We Can Eat 10,000 Cookies!

Who Stole My Lucky Blue Car?

You may have noticed a few choices missing.  I took the liberty of removing the entries that were jokes, or sequels, or things I'm already working on.  These are the real story ideas above.


joe said...

I love the "Ocean in my Bathtub!" That's so awesome!

And you're right, realism is lame!!

Heather Powers said...

Groundhog Quits would be my pick. I love a good quirky holiday story.