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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lost Monster #1 - The Experiment

A few days back I was inspired by this cool post on this great blog.  And I wanted to do something similar.  So I made this guy:

Now I need to find a good place to hide him.  I really hope he finds a good home and I get the picture back.  If this works then I want to do it again.  (And yes, that is my foot.)

Thanks for the inspiration Isaac, Gracie, Lily, Elijah and Aaron Zenz.  You folks rock (get it?)


KS said...

Dude that's genius! Please keep us posted, what a great idea!

I hope he finds a good home and is treated like a king.

Sarah said...

Leave him at the library or a Rite Aid/Walgreens store in the stomach medicine aisle.

Fabulous idea!