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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ideas About Good Ideas

Check out this video by Stephen Johnson and RSA Animate.  It's about good ideas and where they come from.

So what do you folks think?  Do Mr. Johnson's thoughts on good ideas jive with how you live your creative life or is he missing the point?

Also, check out more goodies from RSA Animate.  They have some fun stuff going on.


Laurel said...

I agree that chance favors the connected mind, but I'm not sure 140 spaces on Twitter equals an evening spent exchanging ideas face to face.

Anthony Holden said...

the presentation of his idea is really great too. I definitely find that giving ideas room and time to brew (and spill over into each other) has led me to some interesting places.
thanks for sharing this, Will!

keviN said...

i've heard that "creativity" is simply the ability to organize information...

and that "luck" is simply when preparation meets opportunity.

one thing i thought was cool about the video, is that it seems to combine these two concepts together to form "good ideas."

the better we're connected to information and people around us, the greater the opportunity we have of having cool hunch collisions from all forms of work/preparation we've been doing.

which is REALLY cool, when you consider Matthew 22:37-40, and how we're all connected.. or should be.

it's like... we're all here trying to help unlock hidden good ideas in each other and ourselves by trying to be awesome and/or excellent to one another.

just thinking out loud on my keyboard, and making references to bill and ted. thanks for the vid/thinking time.

Greg Newbold said...

I think the old adage that there really are no new ideas is sort of true. People really do pretty much just take pieces of other ideas and combine them in a new way that nobody has yet considered. Does that make it new? I guess so, but when it comes to art, new ideas get created because I think the opportunities are different, not that what makes art "art" has changed. the bottom line is that if we don't "connect" with our audience, is it really art?

M.R. Weaver said...

I love these RSAnimations
And this is true. Tool for creation, or tool for distraction? Hard to keep it working for you instead of against you.

heee "squinges."