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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mix It Up Day

Tiff asked me to make a sign for her classroom.  The theme was "Mix It Up Day" and it will be posted outside her door to let the kids know that they will be rotating classrooms for part of the day.  None of the kids really want to do this so the sign needs to be fun and colorful. 

No problem.  I like to have fun and to make fun.  And how can I resist a great theme like "Mix It Up?"  So I drew these guys:

Is it a chig?  Or a picken?

Then I drew some letters and printed it out.  I've had a hankering to use good ol' Crayola crayons on a drawing for a while now.  So I colored the sign with crayons and glued it to a piece of board.  Tah dah:

Actually, I made three of them.  The other rooms need signs too.


Aaron Ludwig said...

I wish all of my elementary school teachers were married to you....
...and no, I've never said that to anyone before in my life.

Jake Wyatt said...

I'm still trying to figure out what Aaron means... And I think that animal should be on hot dog packages.

Jed Henry said...

They're like centaurs, only not.

Boston Madsen said...

These are great Will, Awsome! keep it up. It was good to see you again the other day!