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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Longboard!

But not for me.

My nephew Ethan just turned 7 years old and the only thing he wanted in this big, wide world was a longboard of his very own.  He had lots of fun a few months back riding mine up and down the sidewalk (on his knees.)  So, when I called him up to wish him a happy birthday and also to tell him that we would be visiting his family soon he made sure that I brought my paints along for the ride.

Ethan originally wanted a dragon on his deck, but we later found out that he pretty much wanted anything with fire.  So I suggested Mario.  And Ethan embellished by telling me that he wanted Mario throwing a fire ball and jumping on his skateboard and flames on the wheels of Mario's board.  (He also wanted some other characters and the castle all with fire but they got cut in favor of getting finished before leaving the state.)

Ethan even helped me paint some:

A badly stitched together Photoshop composite.

Now the two boards are friends.

Look Ma, I made a fan art.  And I still fit into my old scout shirt.


Aaron Ludwig said...

That's pretty awesome. I want one.

keviN said...

YESSSSSS!!!!!! i love it!!

Simini said...

And the coolest uncle award goes too...

Glad you guys are home! feels like you've been gone forever.

spando2 said...

boardsports and art: my two favorite things. Great execution!

Jake Wyatt said...

Good on you!

When you die, can I have your Samurai Jack baord?

Joey! said...

These are straight-up dank! I like seeing Mario on a skateboard.

M.R. Weaver said...

Will Strong, yoy crack me up.
That stuff's pretty freakin' tight, rock on dude.