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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Trip to the Crayon Restaurant

Looking at my website last week I noticed that I don't have many children in my portfolio. This is a problem for a children's illustrator. I should show that I can draw some kids.

So, when Tiff and I went out to eat on Saturday I picked Macaroni Grill because it has butcher paper on the table. Butcher paper + crayons = fun times whilst waiting for food to arrive. I asked Tiff to help me brainstorm and we came up with this.

3... 2... 1... Blastoff!  If I were one of these kids I would be the one flying upside down through the air.  I was the younger brother. I want to play with this idea a bit more later on (after graduation in a month.)


Scott C. Gwynn said...

Teeter-totter blastoff. Nice!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Lots of fun. Makes me hungry.

Anthony Holden said...

Not many vegetarian options, but they do have crayons. At most other places, you get in trouble for drawing on their tables with crayons.
Fun collaboration!

kwistin said...

I like the kid! I want a space teeter-totter....