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Friday, February 5, 2010

5-Year-Olds Are Great

So, I just got back from the BYU Illustrator Showcase, a student art show here in Provo. It was another huge headache to get it all together this week (on top of submitting the Society of Illustrator Contest entries). I (and some great helpers) had to collect pieces form 20 different student illustrators, hang them in the gallery, do publicity, food, music, etc. It was a ton of work and really, after we set it all up, I didn't really want to go.

I'm glad I did.

As I wandered around and listened to the comments of people looking at the art I started following a group with some kids in it. A 5-year-old in the group pointed at one of my pieces (the one-eyed monster) and said "Mom, that one is my favorite."

And then it all became worth the effort. Thanks kid.


Tiffany Strong said...

Makes everything worth it.

Cathy Witbeck said...

I get the same kick when kids laugh at stuff that I've written.
It's like, Booyah, got somthing right.