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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I love building things with my hands. I've had the idea to build a small working trebuchet for some time now but I don't have anywhere to put it once it's finished. I can't wait until I have a garage.

In the mean time I'm satisfying my need to build with things like this:

He's a prototype for a bigger creature I want to do later on. I made him out of felt (red because it's the only color I had) and old teddy bear guts. I sewed him by hand. Yes I know it's a bit sloppy but I've never done this before. I was just making it up as I go along. I think for the finished product I'll do some research on how this kind of thing is actually done.

The final creature will have a variety of interchangeable facial expressions, like so:


Jake Wyatt said...


Aaron Ludwig said...

That's great. I had no idea you could sew!

Tiffany Strong said...

awesome. My husband is just awesome. I love him for all he does. Even this crazy stuff.

Ralph said...

I love the little stitches that show and the changeable faces.

Ralph said...

That last comment was from Laurel. I don't know why it said Ralph. Life was less complicated when I was the only one who used the home computer.

Anthony Holden said...

I love this idea. Make me one too!!