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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Semester = New Sketchbook

Actually it's my very last semester before I graduate from good ol' Brigham Young University. But fear not, it's not my last sketchbook.

I use my sketchbook for sketches (of course) and and also for taking notes. So, notes for a religion class often end up looking like this:

At least until I grow tired of taking notes altogether. Then it's just pictures of my professors. Like this:

And then my mind wanders and I end up with stuff like this:

I don't think I have a problem focussing. Do you?


Simini said...

I love the nancy gunn picture! ahh. i should sketchbook more.

Chad said...

Agreed about Sister Gunn. I took her last semester, best lady ever, and awesome drawing :)

Aaron Ludwig said...

These are awesome. Love the "texture" in her hair and blouse.

Jake Wyatt said...

That really is Nancy Gunn. And you DO have an art problem.