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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Embarrassing

I haven't posted for over a month.  That's lame.  To make recompense today I do a large sized post.  These are images from work for an early reader in Chinese.  The subject of the book are the different parts of the body.  Each page says something like, "Whose fingers are those?"  or "Whose feet are those?"  I'll let you guess what the last page says.


Rachel J said...

Dude--I love how you painted some stuff outside the lines. Its fantistic!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Lots o' fun.

Jed said...

Are these codes for North Korea?


I'm digging these, Will. They're really fun. I love that elephant.

Andrew said...

I love the elephant and tiger.

Jaquelyn said...

just plain dandy!