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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will Strong Recommends: A Talk With Hitchcock

This one is a bit different.  "A Talk with Hitchcock" is nothing more than both halves of a two-part interview with Alfred Hitchcock that was given in 1963 (as near as I can tell) for a Canadian television program called "Telescope."

The best part of the interview involves Hitch explaining his theory on film editing.  He thinks the word "cutting" is completely inappropriate.  Cutting implies separating and disjoining things.  He likes the term montage or assembly better as they imply construction.  He then takes scenes from his movies and explains exactly why he put them together this way.  Good stuff.  If you have any interest in Hitchcock or the mechanics of how film is put together then this is a must see.  

This DVD is not easy to find.  It's not even on IMDB which has just about everything else.  I found it on Netflix.  It's a good rental.  (The DVD was published in 1994 by Image Entertainment.)

Anybody interested in visual storytelling could benefit from this DVD.  Good luck finding it.

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