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Monday, March 16, 2009

Southern Utah is Where It's At

Last week a bunch of Illustration and Animation Kids took a trip down to Southern Utah on a painting/sketching trip. We hit Zion National Park, Kolob Canyon and a tiny bit of Bryce Canyon. In short it was wicked cool.

Here are some of the sketch paintings I did (you don't get to see the big mistakes.) These were all done in gouache on paper and board. None of them were bigger than about 8 inches on the longest side.

A black and white study of some cool rocks.

The circus came to town briefly and lent me it's color scheme for this one.

Most beautiful rocks I saw on the whole trip. There were more colors on them than I knew what to do with.

This last one is my favorite. It's the view of a ridge from a ghost town called Grafton. I had never been to a ghost town before but the place had all these really cool old abandoned buildings. With all these buildings around I decided to paint something that was at least 30 miles away. Just silly.


William and Tiffany Strong said...

Love what you did while you were there! I really like the rock, it is awesome! Great colors! Miss you, but sooo glad you had this opportunity to go.

The Rabidmilkman said...

Awesome stuff.