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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fatherhood Slows Blogging

This here blog has been pretty light on updates this last month.  That's because I'm a dad now.  Babies take a lot of time just before and just after they are born.  Many of you already know this.

So here's the kid, Maxwell McLean Strong.  (He is 2 weeks old today.)

These photos were taken by Hannah Gibson, a family friend.  She's got a great blog.

Here's my rendition of Maxwell:

I think I pretty much nailed the likeness.


Aaron Ludwig said...

Congrats again Will. Being a dad is a lot of fun. Just ask Shawn Kemp.

madison said...

WILL YOU WILL BE THE BEST DAD EVER!!!!!!!!!! :D i aDORE this little guy in photo and illlustrated form!! oh, i am so HAPPY for you two, i just can't even contain it!! all THREE of yoou!! congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!

Cathy Witbeck said...

What an awesome name. Our oldest son is named Max. After years of no babies, we adopted the little mite and we like to call him Miracle Max. He isn't so little anymore. He is 21 now and working as a stone mason in Canada. He runs around lifting 300 pound rocks all day and has muscles Schwarzenagger would be proud of.
Congrats on your Max. He is adorable.