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Thursday, July 29, 2010


At my art show last week (pictures coming soon) I had a special kid's table.  On the table I had a bunch of coloring pages set out for the kids to draw on and a box of Crayola Crayons (48 colors.)  I made the pages to match my artwork that was hanging on the walls.  It was a pretty big hit with the kids.  At the end of the night there were some pages left behind so I figure I should show everybody.

I think those kids did a great job.  Maybe I should make more coloring pages and post them on my website.  Would anybody download those and use them?


keviN said...

i would TOTALLY color me some monsters, if you put the lineart up!

Sarah said...

I would download them for ME and my kids!

Simini said...

Umm. Pretty sure I colored the stars on one of those rockets. Woot! I made it on the blog. And it was pretty much the best art show ever.

Andrew said...

I would totally use them! And I am sure everyone else would to.