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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Korean Hamsters in Various Costumes

A couple of days ago I visited my wife's 6th grade class to help out a bit and listen to a really cool lecture on space by Dr. Ed Gholdston of NASA (but that's another story.)  After the lecture I was sitting in the back of the class drawing zombies as I sometimes do.  While drawing I was being watched by a student named Skyler.  He told me that he likes to draw hamsters.  I asked him to draw one for me.  So he did.  

I give you "Hamster in a Santa Suit."

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Cathy Witbeck said...

Our choir director told us that if the sopranos would open thier mouths like gerbils, it would help them to hit the high notes. I'm now envisioning gerbils in horned viking helmets singing their little soprano hearts out. Hamsters in costumes are right there on my A list.
Thanks for the great visual.